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UV Roller Coating machine
Model: HUC-45CD
For thick and thin paper UV coating

For Thick paper UV coating 

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1. Feeder
Have accurate and high-speed feeder sheets function, max. sheet size 43" x 43", min. sheet size 12" x 12", Feeding speed 8000 sheet/hr. highest.

1. Automatic stream feeder
2. Vacuum pump for both blow and suction
3. Non-stop supply sheet device (option)
4. Electronic double sheets detector
5. Overrun safe protects device
6. Emergency stop device
7. Conveyor belt suction device

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2. Cleaner
Cleaner machine adopt heating pressure brush roller. to eliminate oil and power for printed sheet. also have collect power device.

1. Use heating pressure and brush roller to eliminate oil and powder
2. Design has concentrated powder device
3. Hydraulic jack pressure device
4. Automatic temperature control
5. Conveyor belt suction device.
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3. Base coater
Base coater especially use thick sheet rough sheet surface, fill up sheet surface, makes next unit "UV coater" more better coating effect and quality.

1. Under the base coater have marital roller and design two sets pneumatic doctor blade adjusting pressure available
2. Special air pump (circulator supply varnish syatem)
3. Emergency stop device
4. one side adjusts device

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4. I. R. Dryer
I. R. Dryer system use I. R. Heater rods to make the sheets dry which through base coater, he conveyor adopts Teflon cover glass-fiber surface and low noise

1. EGO automatic temperature control device
2. Fan cooling
3. Heatproof and anti-scratch Teflon conveyor net


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5. UV coater
UV coater make UV varnish homogenize coating on the sheet surface, Precision coating roller and reverse rolling control system, both of them at roller upper space have roving knife to eliminate wastes and prevent varnish overflow. Under steel roller with precision blade to clean remnant varnish and prevent oil begrime the sheet backside. The doctor blade adjustment handle is attached outside and easy to operate. for the thin sheet we design have digital control air-knife system to make the sheet work accurate and smoothly.

1. Especially Hydraulic pump by reverses way to control coating blade unit
2. Both of coating rubber roller and control varnish roller has precision blade unit
3. The lowest roller has two sets adjustable pressure pneumatic doctor blade
4. Air pump system
5. Precision digital air-knife control system
6. Varnish tank automatic temperature control device
7. One side adjustment, easy to operate
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6. UV dryer
UV dryer with 3 sets UV lamps adopt 200 watt per inc, as well as high quality fiber conveyor to feed sheet. Safe device enclosed.

1. High-efficiency UV lamps
2. High quality Teflon conveyor net
3. Pneumatic open cover box device, protect device
4. The UV lamp use time counter


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7. Stacker
 The stacker uses pneumatic power, and can set action from 1-99 sheets.

1. adjustment sort-our sheets action device from 1-99 setting
2. Pneumatic action for regular the sheets stack
3. Pneumatic safe gate device avoid paper jam
4. Paper automatic detector device
5. Sheets counter device
6. Emergency stop device
7. Non-stop delivery sheet device (optional)




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For Thick and Thin paper

For Thick paper

1 Max sheet size
1100 x 1100 mm
1100 x 1100 mm
2 Min. sheet size
320 x 320 mm
320 x 320 mm
3 Sheet thickness
100 ~ 600 g/m2
250 ~ 600 g/m2
4 Working speed

60 m/min

60 m/min

5 Machine size
21 x 2.3 x 2 m
21 x 2.3 x 2 m
6 Power required
105 kw
68 kw
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